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Seller: Jeffers Cattle Co.
Lot# 565 Sold Price $180.00 Sold Price: $180.00
Head Count 116 Mixed Calves
Base Weight: 410 lbs
Slide: 13¢
No. of Loads:

Delivery Date Range: 9/10/2018 - 9/22/2018
Crossing Point:
Origin: Home Raised
Current Location: Holbrook, AZ; 30 mi. E of Winslow Arizona
Flesh: Medium

Estimated Weight Variance: Very Uneven
Feed: On cows and native grass.
Vaccinations: Super PolyBac Respiratory, 7-Way Blackleg at branding.
Breed Type: Out of crossbred cows sired by Black Angus bulls. Crossbred calves will be appx 90% Black, BWF, 8% solid Red and 2% RWF. Will be a few calf horns.
General Comments: Knife Cut. Owner Certified Natural. Long running family owned and operated ranch. Calves have performed well over the years with good history of health. Loading will take place in the afternoon.
Representative: Ray Turley, Phone: 928-243-1054 Email:
Representative: Clay Parsons, Phone: 520-444-7650 Email: